Atlantic Technologies is an international cloud consulting firm with offices in London and Milan. Which team's page would you like to visit?

Introducing Atlantic Technologies

Since 1997, Atlantic Technologies has been an international leader in the field of digital transformation, consulting hundreds of clients all over Europe, America, Asia, and the Middle East. As an innovative cloud consulting company, our London office prides itself on offering ground-breaking digital solutions on the Salesforce platform, while our Milan team also specialises in Oracle True Cloud and Tableau for Business Intelligence (BI).

How Can We Help You?

From implementing the latest Salesforce solutions to conducting health checks, Atlantic Technologies’ experienced consultants are here to make your everyday business operations as easy as ABC. Our team has a clear goal: to provide face-to-face, personalised service that helps you streamline your business on the Salesforce platform.

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Why Work With Us?

As Salesforce partners, we provide our clients with a bespoke service to ensure that CRM management is not only an integral part of their daily operations, but also a fulfilling one. When it comes to digital transformation, consulting our team about your best options enables you to take your business success and productivity to new heights. And thanks to our client-orientated style, you can be sure that we’ll be supporting you every step along the way.

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Who's On Our Team?

Thanks to our experienced, driven, and energetic team, it’s no surprise that we’re considered game changers among fellow Salesforce partners. We send our consultants all over the UK and the rest of the world, listen to your requirements, and know your market inside and out.

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Our Numbers
Our Services

1. Design

We’re Salesforce partners…and for good reason! Across our two offices, we’ve completed hundreds of successful international projects, bringing end users to the forefront of any CRM design. So, why not take your first steps towards CRM – and towards increased and continued business success? Our design stages are always tailored to your specific requirements, but often revolve around:

  • Business Processes and Priorities
  • Gap Analyses
  • Change Management & Learning
  • Data Migration
  • Backend Integration
  • Master Data Management

…and much more.

2. Build, Deploy, & Integrate

After establishing a project governance that best meets your needs, we roll up our sleeves and build, deploy, and integrate the platform as per the design phase. We pride ourselves on approaching builds with agile methodologies, in sprint forms, and are known for scheduling regular show-and-tells with our clients. During user acceptance testing, our change management and learning (CML) team is always on hand to facilitate the adoption process for end users.

3. Continuous Innovation

At Atlantic Technologies, flexible support and continuous innovation are at the heart of everything we do. From providing administrative help for system maintenance to performing custom development work, we create a tailored program of work to continue innovation on your existing deployment. Thanks to our agile methodologies, full CI team, and expertise in a large variety of sectors, rapid innovation and release schedules are at the forefront of our services – and are offered at a monthly price that best suits your specific budget.

4. Change Management & Learning

Change Management & Learning (CML) is about so much more than training your end users. Defining a realistic ROI, re-shuffling your business priorities, you name it: our CML team is here to help you create and explore your company’s new roadmap. Our dynamic approach to the adoption process includes videos, how-to guides, tip sheets, and workshops, ensuring that the platform has maximum adoption – and that your employees are enthusiastic and well-prepared.

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Our Clients

Who Are Our Clients?

Why not join our extensive and diverse client base? Follow in the footsteps of the many businesses that have already partnered with us to embark on a customised journey of digital transformation. We are an experienced, reliable, and hardworking partner, and have completed a large variety of projects, ranging from the implementation of fashion and apparel to construction and manufacturing software solutions.

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Want to Work With Us?

Ready to take the next step in your career with our focused team of trailblazers? Don’t hesitate to send your CV to to find out more about our ground-breaking projects and lively work environment.