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Atlantic People: Meet Mo

Tons of ambition, communication at his core, and a refreshing philosophy surrounding the existence of failure. Interviewing our new Director of Programmes has been a delight and an insight into the future of Atlantic Technologies. Welcome to the Team, Mo Jassat.

Why Atlantic?  Tell us about the pace, energy, and overall feel at the Atlantic Technologies UK office?

For over 30 years I have worked in large enterprises and top tier consulting organisations. I’ve learnt a great deal about how businesses operate, how they usually build complexity into relatively simple processes. I have learnt how digital transformation can improve and automate those processes impacting the bottom line.

During the latter part of my career, I was keen to bring my knowledge and skills to a smaller organisation with a start-up feel. A wanted to work with a company where agility to make decisions and the freedom to shape and run the business on a core set of values. These must be values we all actually live and breathe every day instead of a set of words painted on office walls and mentioned on company websites and annual reports.

I was approached by Fred Walker, Managing Director, Commercial some 12 months ago to join Atlantic Technologies UK on the next phase of growth for the UK operation, The more Fred and I spoke over the 12 months the greater my interest to join Atlantic Technologies UK to develop a strong and sustainable business as a lasting legacy before I hang up my boots in the next 10-15 years. In November 2019 we agreed that the time as right for me to join the leadership team.

A few weeks into joining Atlantic Technologies UK I can describe the team as very close-knit, talented consultants bursting with ambition, excited about the future ahead of them and committed to delivering Salesforce excellence for our global clients. I am proud to be serving as a Director of Programmes at Atlantic Technologies UK and to serve the team to achieve our goal to double growth within the next 12 months and beyond, that’s the vision the leadership team, myself and the wider team have signed up to supported by our teacher and coach Marcelo Di Rosa, founder and CEO of Atlantic Technologies. We are going to make it happen, I have every confidence in the talented team of consultants around me, without whom it would be impossible to achieve our ambition.

What was the joining process like?

I had a long lead time into Atlantic Technologies UK with several meetings with Fred and Mike over a 12 month period. The joining process was very personalised. From my first day in the office to meet the team, I could begin to get my feet under the table. We’ll be looking at the onboarding process in detail, as with everything, there is always further improvements and ideas we can look at to deliver an outstanding onboarding experience for future new joiners.

What are your career ambitions at Atlantic Technologies?

My ambition is to focus on ‘controlled profitable growth’. This will impact all parts of the UK business from sales, resources, day to day operations and providing high standards of delivery for our clients. I want to see the team increase from around 20 consultants today to over 100 in less than two years. Salesforce is also growing so there is an abundance of opportunities for Atlantic Technologies UK to be part of the global Salesforce success story. Marc Benioff announced this month that he is targeting to double Salesforce revenue in the next 5 years and the creation of over 4 million new jobs within the ecosystem worldwide, that can only be positive news for Atlantic Technologies as a platinum partner to take a share of the incredible Salesforce growth story. We hope to also add a healthy dose of competition against some of the larger and mid-level ‘players’ in the market.

Tell us something we don’t know about you…

I love cars and driving, I’ve passed my Advanced Driving test and I’m a member of the `Institute of Advanced Motorists’. I have set a goal that once we’re at 100 consultants at Atlantic Technologies UK  I will treat myself to an S Class Mercedes. We’re also a very techie family with both of my sons also working in IT as consultants.

When I’m not at work, you can find me…

I like to spend as much time as I can with my family and friends, I enjoy the occasional hike in the Peak District. I also help local charities in my spare time.

Career highlight: What past projects have you worked on? Which have given you the most satisfaction and why?

I’ve worked on so many projects over the past 20 plus years it’s hard to remember them all. I’ve overseen the delivery of projects for major global clients across a diverse set of businesses including Consumer Goods, Utilities, Automotive, Telecommunications and Social Enterprise. Every project is unique with its own story of the highs and lows, I’ve yet to work on a project where it’s just been ‘highs’ from start to finish if such a project exists please drop me a line!

The one that is very personal to me and stands out is the pro bono Salesforce implementation for the Big Issue, The Big Issue is an international social enterprise that helps those that are homeless to help themselves through selling the iconic Big Issue magazine on the street and lift themselves out of poverty. A small team of consultants gave up their time to help implement Salesforce to automate their manual paper and Excel processes to free up time for the field workers that support the magazine vendors on the streets to get themselves out of poverty.

In time, I’d like to find out from the team at Atlantic Technologies how we can ‘give back’ some of our time and skills to help those that need it. As we know Salesforce operates a 1-1-1 Philanthropic model where 1% of product, time and resources to improve communities. As partners, we should embrace this model.

Biggest learn?

Every day is a school day’ whether that’s learning about our clients business, the consultants that work for us,  about new Salesforce features or the latest developments in technology. The most important lesson I learnt was in my mid 20’s when I was a management trainee in fashion retailing, I had made a major issue caused by poor communication (and a good old telling off that I can still remember vividly). That incident taught me the importance of communication and the impact it has on others around you. Hopefully, over the years I have got better at it but I’ll let my team be the judge of that one.

Biggest fail? 

I don’t like to use the word fail or failure, Failures are when people try to achieve a desired vision or outcome. I see this as a very positive attribute compared to not doing anything at all. Some of the most successful inventors and entrepreneurs encountered countless personal failures but in spite of these, they carried on with their vision and adapted their approach each time to improve their chance of success.

My motto is ‘fall fast, learn from it and move on’. If you keep falling then stop, re-assess your approach, ask others for guidance and coaching, don’t keep going round the hamster wheel making the same mistakes time and time again.

I love cars and driving so let me use a car analogy here. The drive to succeed and your desired destination is never ever smooth, it’s how you navigate the road ragers, traffic jams, diversions and middle lane hoggers throughout your journey that will determine whether you will ever reach your destination safely and on time.

Give us your top tech tip…

I’m a big fan of smart home automation. I’m slowly converting parts of the family house to be controlled from my mobile phone. We live in a fairly old house built in the 1940s so conversion is not very easy but I’m determined to combine modern tech whilst keeping the character of the original build.

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