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Atlantic People: Meet Sumna

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The Atlantic Technologies UK team continues to grow week-on-week, with new job roles opening up. For those of you thinking of working with Atlantic Technologies, we have asked each new joiner a few questions to provide a genuine insight into our company culture.

Sumna joined the Atlantic Technologies team less than a month ago, as one of our new Consultants. 

So, Sumna, Why Atlantic?

Tell us about the pace, energy, and overall feel at the Atlantic office? The office and people are very hardworking, and that is very apparent from the start. This is balanced out as even though everyone is working hard, there is still time for office banter.

What was the joining process like? It was quite relaxed but very thorough, and I liked that I was able to meet the team too.

What are your career ambitions at Atlantic Technologies? To gain more knowledge and be a senior consultant

Tell us something we don’t know about you.. I love cats and aspire to be a cat lady.

When I’m not at work, you can find me… I’m a big foodie and love trying out new foods and restaurants. I have recently become a chicken owner and like to spend time chasing my chickens. I enjoy hiking too.

Career highlight: What past projects have you worked on? Which have given you the most satisfaction and why? I worked on a project where I moved from being the Build Consultant to Lead as the Lead had left the company. As the project progressed, it became clear the solution we had initially built was incorrect. I then redesigned the data model and implemented a new solution. This was particularly enjoyable as I did the scoping and solution design myself and the client were very happy with the end result.

Biggest learn? Stressing at work is never conducive to productivity or fixing the problem, so you might as well stay calm and address the issue the best way you can.

Biggest fail? Not being confident enough in myself.

Sumna, it’s great to have you on the Atlantic Technologies team. We look forward to seeing your confidence and your collection of cats grow. 

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