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Driving The Automotive Sector Forward Through Customer Experience

Ninety percent of today’s customers who visit a car store have already researched and sometimes chosen models online in advance – visiting flagships for assurance and exclusive brand experiences.” AMO, 2018


People’s relationships with their cars are changing. Intelligent cars, driverless tech, environmental considerations. As AI and technology even out the playing field, the hyper-personalised customer journey is no longer only for super high-end car companies. Consumer expectations have shifted towards a seamless online, offline experience. Reflecting this, traditional dealerships are moving from sales venues to brand storytelling experiences. Technology must become an invisible advantage to support these cultural shifts. Your customer has researched your product online, from here their sale depends on convenience, trust, authentic human connection and the previous experience of your other customers which are continually being uploaded online. This creates an exciting opportunity for the automotive industry. In order to retain the best sales staff and convert current customers into brand ambassadors, car dealerships must create a personalised end-to-end experience through Salesforce CRM.

For every company, there is an ideal balance of automation and personalisation. Through years of experience working alongside Ducati, Bossoni, Autostar and other world-renowned automotive companies, Atlantic Technologies have developed a tried and tested go-to-market approach, tailored to our customers’ needs.


Transforming the Automotive Customer Experience with Bossoni

Bossoni Group is one of the 4 main car dealers in north Italy. With 520 employees and a turnover of 500million euros in 2018.


“With Salesforce, we are now able to manage 99% of leads within an hour, the lead conversion rate rose from 5% to 15%; for sales reports, we have replaced over 300 excel sheets with dashboards.”


Atlantic Technologies introduced Bossoni to the Salesforce ecosystem through careful change management over 3 years ago. Bossoni also benefits from integration to external systems including ERPs, DMS & CTI. Bossoni can now respond to leads within an hour supported by a whole host of information to connect with and impress their consumer. As this level of service becomes the customer’s subconscious expectation in all their purchase endeavours, now is the time to jump on board.


Attracting and Retaining World Class Sales Staff Whilst Benefiting From Real-time Data


“Our salesmen had difficulty managing the processes on the old CRM, instead Sales Cloud is easy and fun and on-site visits have risen from 31% to 45%.” 


As human to human connection becomes increasingly integral to customer experience and purchase decisions, dealerships must attract and retain the best sales staff. Reducing the need for spreadsheets makes their work more enjoyable, less time consuming and provides real-time data so that sales consultants have more time to do the job that they have been employed to do.


Salesforce CRM, Delivering Better Driver-Dealer Relationships with Ducati

Ducati, founded in 1926, is an Italian, high-end motorcycle manufacturer with an international presence and a reputation for making well-powered motorcycles. Quality and technological innovation have enabled the company to establish an exceptional relationship with its customers. Ducati has worked alongside Atlantic Technologies since 2002 to integrate the Salesforce Cloud Community to nurture and develop their community for fans, their community for dealers and their community for the media.

Through creating a 360-degree view of their customer, Ducati benefit from a customised, personalised sales, service and marketing process.


Driving Competitive KPIs through Einstein Analytics

Atlantic Technologies has worked alongside car dealerships to accelerate their sales process through Salesforce Sales Cloud. Marketing cloud technology is then integrated to manage customer journeys from beginning to end, create 1:1 multi-channel path, and generate both customised and automated marketing strategies. Einstein Analytics then helps to obtain clean, secure and integrated data. This combined strategy has allowed automotive companies to work alongside Atlantic Technologies to reach, review and increase KPIs.

Do you have any questions about how Salesforce CRM can drive your automotive company forward? Jump on a call with the Atlantic Technologies team today.