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The Cornerstones of Digital Transformation

“We’re ready to achieve digital transformation.” If we had a pound for every time we’ve heard our clients say that, we wouldn’t be writing this blog post… we’d be retired millionaires! When it comes to digital transformation, consulting a team of specialists exposes an important truth: this widely used term does not describe a concrete end result that you achieve, but rather an ongoing, ever-evolving process. But while this journey comes in many different shapes and forms that depend on the company and industry, we’ve found that there are a few common denominators among effective projects. To discover the fundamental ingredients for success, read on…


1. Awareness & Action

Before beginning the process, you’ll need to understand the business value of embarking on a journey of change in the first place. In today’s competitive market, technology – when used effectively – is becoming a commonplace tool for everything from expediting administrative tasks to improving customer service. But instead of blindly opting for digital transformation, consulting industry trends is an imperative first step. What solutions are your competitors using? How can you utilise these – or additional – tools to keep up with or even outperform them? And, most importantly, how quickly do you need to take action? In our experience, ensuring that you (1) educate yourself about what choices are available and that you (2) fully engage with the digital changes that are affecting your industry are the foundation of any successful transformation project.


2. Refine & Reinvent

As Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” In the context of digital transformation, we couldn’t agree more: the process is not just about refining and updating your current business procedures to keep up with competitors, but is also about using technology to invent new processes and products altogether. Think about it: Apple updated its classic iMacs while simultaneously releasing new products, such as iPods and iPhones, which enabled the company to keep one eye on its original business model, and one eye on new opportunities for growth. The result? Apple became an unforgettable leader in its field!


The dual and ongoing nature of transformation projects undoubtedly presents a challenge to many companies, but has the significant potential to place you head and shoulders above your competition. Over the years, our clients who embraced the mindset of refining and reinventing their business models flew higher and farther than those who only did the former.


3. Motivation & Management

If your company is ready to take its first steps towards digital transformation, consulting our experienced team will help you assess your requirements and determine the best approach. While each business’ culture and goals are unique, our consultants identify high levels of motivation and strong management as essential for a smooth and effective transition. Whether it’s raising awareness (and enthusiasm!) about impending changes, organising employee training sessions, or remaining open to continuous feedback, motivation and competent leadership are crucial to taking your company to new heights. It’s not a one-time – but rather a continuous – job!


From understanding your market to staying ahead of your competitors, it takes a lot of willpower and effort to embark on a digital transformation. Consulting us about our solutions and change management approaches is sure to ease your mind, however! We’re here to lighten the load of your project, and to ensure that it’s a raging success. To hear about how we can address your particular business needs, don’t hesitate to contact us today.