Atlantic Technologies is an international cloud consulting firm with offices in London and Milan. Which team's page would you like to visit?

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Information Technology and Beyond: The Real Atlantic People

From London to Milano, Atlantic Technologies is growing. Meet the #AtlanticPeople who make our business tick.

As our Milan and London offices grow from strength to strength, the Atlantic Technologies team want to take the time to explain what makes our company a leading international cloud consulting company. What is it that makes our company so special? Why do employees, partners and clients stick with us? As the world of technology changes and grows at an epic rate, it is critical to look at our company from the outside-in, to communicate honestly and transparently, and to show the impact that each person makes on Atlantic Technologies every day. Each person who works and interacts with us affects the results we create for our customers.

Take a look at life at Atlantic Technologies in our new video, where we have taken the time to assess and convey why we do what we do, so well. 



“Technology is incredible, this much we know, but what is truly important is good people, good teachers, and actual meaning for its users. Digital Transformation is driving the evolution of business, and this isn’t set to slow down. It is the people working with you, day by day, who drive the need for this innovation.

We could tell you how we have been Salesforce partners for almost 15 years, with a Platinum Status in Milan and Oracle Partners for over 20 years, how Juniors are mentored and put on the fast track for certification. We could tell you how we are made up of over 150 people, in London and Milan, covering a variety of languages with over 20 years of experience in information technology, and cloud computing. We have expertise in a range of industries including manufacturing, business services, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and automotive. We could list off our partnership qualifications in ERP, CRM and BI, but what we are really experts in is understanding the people that make your business tick, managing change, and supporting your success.

The Atlantic Technologies team are IT specialists by trade, but our real job is to take care of the humans, that take care of your company. We have built our team on shared values and outstanding skill.

Why? Because experience has proven that when our people take the time to understand your whole company, and the individuals they will be impacting, we create results beyond belief.”

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