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Navigating Through Change; A Letter from The Boss

Friends of Atlantic Technologies,

My team and I wish you all the best during this time. COVID-19 is, first and foremost, a global tragedy affecting humans through devastating impact. During this time, we cannot lose sight of hope, heartwarming stories and acts of heroism displayed in many shapes and sizes as we continue navigating change.

Since the start of March, the Atlantic Technologies HQ in Milan went into lockdown following government regulation. London followed shortly after, and our American employees were sent back home to their loved ones. Like many of you, our journey has come about in phases prioritising the health and safety of our employees, customers and community. At the start, employees were encouraged to cancel meetings and work from home where possible, meaning ‘smart working’ could be tried, tested and implemented seamlessly. We have shared this process so that our wider community can benefit from our learnings.


Atlantic People; It is with pride that I thank you for your cooperation

It has been sincerely overwhelming to see our employees adapt to these changes. Each member of our team has gone above and beyond to show civic responsibility and to reach out to each other personally and professionally, no matter where in the world they are. We have enjoyed conference calls, cups of coffee, games nights and the odd end-of-the-week glass of wine via group video.

In memory of loved ones lost, lessons learnt must not be wasted. Moments of joy must not go unnoticed.

For me, moments enjoying a glass of wine on my balcony with neighbours and singing in praise of the health workers have created an important sense of routine and solidarity. Knowing that my team, wherever they are in the world, are doing the same, fills me with a sense of joy. Knowing also that fundamentally, each one of our team shares a kind thoughtfulness.


Our client community  we are here for you

With our health and safety protocol firmly established, our attention turns to the economy and the people we can help. At the beginning of March, we reached out to our clients – more than 100 of them – to reassure them that we would continue operating and servicing their IT cloud business needs. In addition to managing several cloud projects, Atlantic Technologies has its own Cloud platform with over 7,000 users connected worldwide, for projects as well as Application Maintenance. We are equipped and ready to handle this crisis! All of our employees, including the back office, had the appropriate technology to allow them to work remotely, from being provided laptops, to having the software and network to access all services within the company as well as externally. This includes our accounting team and the billing software that has always been a part of our daily lives. As a common business practice, we use communication solutions such as Slack, Zoom, and Google, all for fast communication and video conferencing. To us, this has meant zero downtime from the very first moment.


Our platform partners; going above and beyond

We recognise and appreciate the huge efforts that our platform partners, namely Salesforce and Oracle, have gone through to provide resources and guidance. A big thank you to all our partners who have been exceedingly supportive through daily communication, information and collaboration on strategies. This has enabled us to focus on going above and beyond to support our own networks.


Navigating change, together; connectivity, curiosity, community

When COVID-19 is said and done, we will not revert back to old ways. We are woven together as businesses, as individuals, and as a global community. We are currently more connected, considerate, and creative, than ever before. We have been accelerated into the future of technology by being forced to remain united from afar, and we have created new normals. We, as humans, will always need to interact with one another in person. This need is woven into our DNA and will be valued in a different way. Our clients, whether manufacturing, business to consumer services, luxury, finance, pharmaceutical, or automotive, have all been given a better understanding of “the power of solutions” and its advantages of being in the Cloud, both for time-saving, security, and ability to work remotely.

Technology has enabled us to stay together, even when we are apart. Business leaders navigating this change have been granted, with time, to step back, contemplate and view their companies from a distance. As we explore new understanding, IT will continue to provide creative solutions that enable companies to remain connected. From here, we can continue to indulge our curious nature and explore new landscapes in a new world. 

As we enter into a post-pandemic society, we look forward to entering into a new world, a world of creativity, curiosity and a global community empowered by “people powering technology”.

In the meantime, we are here to support your business whilst you are navigating change. Together we will make opportunities out of ideas and prepare your workforce for a bold new world.

All the best to you and your loved ones

Marcelo DiRosa

Founder and CEO, Atlantic Technologies