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4 Common CRM Pitfalls, Explained by Our Salesforce Consultants

True or false? Having a 360º overview of your customers is essential for maximising sales and revenue. If you think that this statement is true, you’re not alone: over 50% of sales representatives advocate for having a complete overview of their customers. But there’s a problem: while more than half of salespeople are on board, less than half actually follow through! Today, our Salesforce consultants are here to talk about about what it takes to improve your team’s understanding of your clients and engender greater customer loyalty.



By now, it won’t come as a surprise that customer relationship management (CRM) platforms are a cornerstone of improving productivity, service, and revenue in the digital age. But while CRM has the potential to take your company to new – and perhaps unimaginable – heights, the platform has to be 100% in sync with your everyday business processes. Let’s take a look at four of the most common CRM pitfalls and how to avoid them.


Pitfall #1: Deprioritising Analytics

As Salesforce consultants, we can’t stress the importance of data analytics enough. In order to stay competitive in today’s ever-growing market, being able to predict what comes next is key to staying ahead of your competitors. By investing in predictive analytics and evaluating your past performance thoroughly and frequently, you’ll be able to answer several important questions:


  • What happened in the past?
  • Where did we go wrong?
  • Based on past patterns, what can we expect to happen in the future?


It’s all too tempting to simply look ahead to the future, but evaluating prior performance to foresee – and avoid – potential problems is one of the most powerful ways of increasing revenue. More than half of Salesforce users are already using predictive analytics to do just that. Are you ready to join them?


Pitfall #2: Not Consolidating Data

If you recently adopted a CRM (or even if it wasn’t so recently), chances are that all of your data is not yet consolidated. This can be particularly tricky if information is spread out over a variety of teams and prior systems, increasing the chances that data is not taken into account – or lost, at worst. When we work with our clients, this is one of the most common problems that our Salesforce consultants tackle. In order to use your CRM as effectively and efficiently as possible, consolidating your data on the platform is a crucial first step. This not only enables your team to get a 360º degree overview more easily, but also allows them to spend more time nurturing leads.


Pitfall #3: Staying Away from AI

While data analytics are an absolute must, many of the most successful companies are taking it a step further. Our Salesforce consultants recommend AI tools, such as Einstein, which are predictive solutions that cut through the noise and empower your team to zoom in on the opportunities that really matter – with maximum ease and minimal time and effort. What’s not to love?


Pitfall #4: Not Asking for Help

All too often, companies opt for CRM to move with the times, but fall short of one thing: asking for help. While streamlining your business is one of the best ways of facilitating everyday tasks and improving your customer service, you won’t achieve these goals unless your platform is implemented properly – and it usually takes specialists to do so.


From tailoring your system to suit your needs to advising you on change management strategies, our experienced team of Salesforce consultants is at your beck and call. If you’re ready to get a complete overview of your customers at the click of a mouse, don’t hesitate to ask us for help today!