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7 Unforgettable Salesforce Fun Facts

Smart, ground-breaking, productive, effective – those are only a few of the adjectives that our Salesforce consultants use to describe the world’s leading CRM. As a platinum partner, implementing and customising it for our diverse client base has become second nature to us, and we know the ins and outs of the system like the backs of our hands. But let’s back up: today, we don’t want to talk about what our team of consultants can do for you, but rather why you should consider using this product in the first place. If you’re wondering what makes Salesforce stand head and shoulders above its competitors, our favourite fun facts about the platform are sure to do the trick. Let’s dive in!


  1. Salesforce has been among the top three most innovative companies on Forbes’ annual list for eight consecutive years. Yes, you read that correctly: as evidenced by Forbes’ prestigious list, the company – and by association its product – is a consistent leader in the field of innovation, enabling Salesforce consultants to support more than 100,000 customers today.


  1. The company is credited with the first App Store. That’s right, it wasn’t actually Apple, but rather Salesforce that pioneered this concept. While Apple’s App Store swept the tech industry in 2008, Salesforce’s AppExchange dates back to 2005. Originally, AppExchange was called the App Store, but it’s said that Mark Benioff gave the term to Steve Jobs to thank him for his help throughout the years.


  1. To date, it’s acquired over 50 companies. And usually for a handsome sum! Most recently, for instance, the company acquired MuleSoft for $6.5 billion and Datorama for $80 million.


  1. It spearheaded the revolutionary 1/1/1 Model. This business vision was pioneered by Benioff, and focuses on the idea that companies devote 1% of employees’ working hours, 1% of equity, and 1% of their product to helping their communities. At Salesforce, consultants and other employees engage in volunteer work, while the company donates to charities and makes its product accessible to non-profits and educational bodies for discounted prices (or sometimes even for free).


  1. It has a generous education reimbursement policy. If employees decide to go (back to) university to work towards a degree, the company covers all costs. Hello, debt-free living!


  1. The company makes children’s education a priority. Over the past four years, it has worked together with various organisations to foster an early interest in coding in order to expand the school curriculum in new, innovative directions.


  1. The Salesforce Tower, which opened in San Francisco this year, is the tallest building in the Bay Area and the second tallest in the United States. This architectural marvel is not only shiny, but is also easily spotted, thanks to having more than 60 floors!


These seven fun facts are only the tip of the iceberg, but are certain to give you a clear sense of this company’s progressive and innovative way of working. Sounds pretty amazing, right? If you’re ready to take your business to the next level of success with CRM, don’t hesitate to review our offered solutions or to get in touch with our experienced Salesforce consultants. We’re looking forward to blazing our trails together!