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Go from Zero to Hero: Align your Workforce on Salesforce

The world is now connected, and so should you! Meet the experts Atlantic Technologies, SalesTrip, & Precursive and hear how their customers have benefited through Travel & Expense & PSA Lightning on Salesforce. Reaching the moon has never been easier!


Breakfast Agenda

8:30 – 9:00 Welcome and Breakfast

9:00 – 11:00 “The Power of One”

  • The agile workforce research – Precursive
  • What are best in class companies doing today – SalesTrip
  • Customer Case Study + Demo – Atlantic Technologies

Speakers include:

  • Jonathan Corrie, CEO of Precursive: “77% of CEOs find availability of key skills as the biggest threat to their business” PwC, 20th CEO Survey of Global Talent (2017). When implemented correctly, your ability to create an agile workforce will leave you free from limits caused by your company capacity. Jonathan will share insights from the Agile Workforce research to help scale your growth.
  • Marcelo Di Rosa, Owner, Atlantic Technologies: An article by James Warrington wrote earlier this year “almost two-thirds of companies are in the process of implementing new technology, with better customer service, cost savings, and improved productivity cited as key drivers.” If you have not started your digital transformation yet, you will in the next few years. Marcelo will take you through practical case studies that show careful change management and the right consultant will guide you towards your desired outcome.
  • Manoj Ganapathy, CEO of SalesTrip: SalesTrip is the first business travel and expenses solution to be built on the world’s leading customer relationship management platform, Salesforce. Having launched as recently as February 2019, it’s no wonder this innovative platform has already been shortlisted for The Business Show’s 2019 Disrupt Awards. Manoj will explore how your company can perceive travel and expense as a mechanism to drive business growth, not as an uncontrollable cost or hindrance to business activity.


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